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Active Fuel Injector Tester (AFIT)


The AFIT uses a micro processor and a software program to completely automate the test procedure. It eliminates variations in test results due to individual testing methods or physical property changes of the fuel. All readigs and calculations are performed by software, eliminating the possibility of math errors and omitted calculations.


  • Accurately tests the injectors and fuel systems.
  • Conclusively pinpoints any faulty injectors.
  • Verifies injector flow rates and balance.
  • Improves accuracy of existing service procedures.
  • Improves accuracy of diagnostics for the new AFIM (Air Fuel Imbalance Monitor).
  • Reduce comebacks to increase customer satisfaction.
  • Reduce warranty costs.
  • Results can be downloaded to Techline PC.
  • Increase revenue with injector cleanings.
  • Test report printout shows before and after cleaning results for customer review.

Dimensions (L x W x H) (inch) 14 X 11 X 3
Weight approx. (lbs) 7

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