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The GM MDI offers faster programming speed at a lower cost. Depending on the vehicle architecture, the MDI can be 20%-70% faster than the Tech 2.

  • New Global power supply - One size fits all.
  • Updated CD containing all technical documentation.
  • Maximizes your PC initiative investment.
  • Multiple connections for any shop setup (USB, Ethernet, and Wireless).
  • Pass-thru programming on all vehicles built since 1996 and future models.
GMDE also offers a complete solution for all of your PC needs to compliment the new global MDI. Visit GMDE.net or call 1-800-GM-TOOLS to learn more.

MDI Documentation
note: MDI documents require
Adobe Acrobat Reader

Frequently Asked Questions
MDI Frequently Asked Questions Guide

Pre-Installation Guides
Pre-Installation Instructions
Pre-Installation Worksheet
Renseignements sur l'installation de l'IDM
Interface de diagnostic multiple DIRECTIVES D'INSTALLATION

MDI User Guides
MDI User Guide
Guide de L'utilsateur de MDI
Guía de Usario del MDI
Guide de l’utilisateur MDI
MDI Benutzerhand-buch
MGuida all’uso della MDI
Guia do usuário da MDI

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